My friend Speedbump and his girlfriend came to visit me New York City. He spent time with me on the Virginia section of the Appalachian Trail, so I wanted to show him some of the New York hiking I’ve been doing. We met up with Ranger Rick at the Harlem 125th Metro-North station and after some early, tactical errors ( we might have missed a train) we were on our way to Breakneck Ridge.

Our plan was to do the main ascent, but because of the crowd we took the yellow blazed Wilkinson Memorial trail to the red blazed Breakneck Bypass trail.

Breakneck Bypass E & D at turn

Ranger Rick & Speed Bump at the junction between Wilkinson Memorial and Breakneck Bypass


Most hikers use the Breakneck Bypass as a way to make a short loop and get back down to the train after reaching the second plateau on the Breakneck Ridge trail. But given that we headed out on a later train we decided to hike it in reverse and opt for wider trails rather than join the crowd going up the narrow rock scramble on the Breakneck Ridge trail.

Breackneck Bypass climb

It took us about an hour to connect to the white blazed Breakneck Ridge trail and while we didn’t have the crazy vistas that Breakneck Ridge provides, it was a nice forest walk with a stream and waterfall.

Breakneck Bypass waterfall

The trail also has a cool view of Sugarloaf Mountain on the Wilkinson Memorial Trail.

breakneck bypass vista
We encountered a couple hiking groups on their way down, but for the most part were alone. We also still were able to see the third vista along the Breakneck Ridge trail. So if you find yourself a little behind schedule and want to do Breakneck Ridge, give the reverse a try.

Blazes Followed:

Breakneck Bypass Yellow blaze Breakneck Bypass Red and white Blaze breakneck bypass white blaze

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