I was looking for a new bladder before setting out for my Massachusetts section hike of the Appalachian Trail so I searched Amazon for some fairly priced ones and came across the MSR Dromedary Two Liter Bladder for $29.14. I decided to take a chance on it, knowing the company name, but never having actually used any MSR gear before, and I’m glad I made the choice I did!

First off, and perhaps most importantly, the durability of the bladder is impressive. I never had to worry about it tearing, the cap coming off, or any material or paper-mache logo rubbing off in my pack. While the cloth-material used for the bladder itself means carrying a little extra weight, it’s ounces I’m alright schleping for the sense of security the bladder gave me, especially given the importance of water in a drought season like this one. The ropes on the side would be nice for bikers or joggers, but didn’t do much for me as a backpacker, so anyone looking to cut some weight could easily snip those off and lighten up the bladder.

MSR rope

The different cap openings, while appearing a little gimmicky, was a nice feature. I was using a Sawyer gravity filter on this hike and the filter nozzle easily rested in the largest opening, which meant I could leave it to fill at a campsite without having to constantly keep an eye on it. The smaller cap sizes, aside from drinking, were also nice for tasks such as measuring out cooking water and brushing my teeth which required a controlled portion of water, ensuring that water wasn’t spilled out or wasted. While I don’t have a hose, I prefer breaking and drinking than sipping on the go, I’m sure one could be easily attached into this small opening as well.

MSR caps

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this bladder to any friends, especially to friends first getting into hiking who might like (or need) the durability of the Dromedary. The price too makes it a nice, affordable water bladder that’s perfect for hikers who don’t mind a little extra weight and like to camel up for summer hikes.

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