With all the expenses of moving, a microwave is pretty low on the list of appliances for my girlfriend and I to purchase. Honestly, I don’t miss it that much. The convenience of a microwave, especially on a busy work night, is admittedly nice and sometimes I long to just pop in a Tupperware of leftovers for a minute, but by planning ahead and doing some food prep, my girlfriend Jordan and I have been able to save enough time that the seconds a microwave might spare don’t outweigh the taste of fresh food.

Food Prep side view

Jordan and I make breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos and then refrigerate them in Tupperware. We did this in our microwave days too, and it was simple enough to just put a sandwich in for a minute or two while we got ready in the morning. While the sandwiches would come out fine, they’d always be a little cold in the center, or too hot on the edges, typical microwave problems.

Now we’re forced to take our time and pan cook them, but maybe “forced” isn’t exactly the word because taking the time to add a little butter, cook until the bread or tortilla starts to brown and flake, and let it cool enough to eat has proven a delicious start to my mornings that makes even the most groggy eyed Monday a little more inspiring.

Food prep pan

This is one of the best aspects of not having a microwave, that necessity of using an oven or stove top that slows down the cooking process and challenges my culinary skills. While a microwave just warms things, when I do anything on the stove or in the oven I find that I’m adding a new spice or sauce to freshen up the food in the reheating process, helping to re-spark the flavor that was originally there.

I’m not condemning microwaves, they certainly have their place in a modern kitchen and once we have the expendable income I’m sure Jordan and I will get one. I’m suggesting that you might try going two weeks without using yours, take a personal challenge, and see if it doesn’t slow you down, make you stop and rethink your recipe, and change the way you think about your food and your cooking.


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