I traveled on the Metro-North’s Hudson line last weekend, taking the train out to Beacon, NY. I had to wait a few minutes for my ride and from the station’s stairwell I spied a small park so I decided to go explore around.


I was surprised to see that the park was named after Pete Seeger and his wife Toshi. I wasn’t aware that that they lived in Beacon for much of their lives!




The Seegers were incredibly active in early environmental causes and (despite the silly banter at the very end) this local news clip does a good job of summarizing Pete Seeger’s environmental efforts along the Hudson and describing what his Sloop Clearwater is doing now:

The park itself is a small peninsula that juts out into the Hudson River with a trail that’s paved and gravel to make for an accessible walk, play grounds, basketball courts, grills, benches and picnic tables. The whole park is maintained by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference which always does a great job with green spaces. Walking at a leisurely pace the park’s trail around the perimeter of the peninsula takes about fifteen minutes to go around.


Junction in the trail where the pavement is replaced with gravel.


Of course, that’s assuming one would want to bolt around it. Pete & Toshi Seeger park is an amazing place to sit and reflect along the Hudson, especially after spending over an hour sitting on a train. And for city dweller’s it’s worth the $16 train ticket just to come out and get a different perspective of the Hudson. I know I spent most of my half-hour wait simply sitting on a bench and looking out at this view:






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