The garden is coming along splendidly! The last intensive cleaning day I had was a couple weeks ago when I finally tackled cleaning the space below the porch. The area was not only overgrown with weeds, but was full of glass shards that just stood out as a pockmark in the backyard. Other than that, I’ve only had to do some light weeding to keep the garden clear.

BG Pumpkinns

Two of the pumpkins have popped up! I’m not holding my breath on the third one though, and I’m also a little afraid that these two won’t have enough space to grow together, but I’m hoping to direct the spread of the leftmost one toward the open in the rock garden,

Martin has some friends in and around the raised bed:

BG Raised bed with beansThe plants on the corners are all beans, the cucumber unfortunately hasn’t sprouted yet, but I keep giving that area some water just in case. The marigolds around the perimeter have also started popping up and it’ll be nice to have some more color around the garden once those begin to bloom. Since my roommates have started making cold brew, I put some coffee grounds around Martin. I read that more acidic plants like tomatoes can benefit from coffee grounds added to the soil, so we’ll see how that goes!BG Coffee

Finally, the zucchini are thriving!

BG Zukes

Since I planted these from seeds, I’ve got to say I’m rather proud of the way they shaped up. It’s taken a lot of sweat, water, and work to get them to this point, but now that they’re here, I’m starting to get impatient to taste the reward of my labors!

And from the looks of things, that’ll be happening soon.

BG instagram buds

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