With the garden starting to come together nicely, my next goal is to get some flowers and long terms plant in there. My mom tipped me off that marigolds are helpful with gardens because they act as a natural deterrent to pests, so I decided to plant those around the garden’s perimeter. And for my long term crop, I went with pumpkins, because it would be awesome to have homegrown jack-o-lanterns at Halloween!
garden 1-6






However, before I could plant any pumpkins, there were a lot of weeds to pull. The yard has this invasive ivy that climbs down the wall and then begins to root into the groundgarden 1-3:





A big part of my day was spent dealing with that growth, doing some smaller weeding in the raised bed and zucchini garden, and still picking up some yard debris and litter in the space.

garden 1-2






What’s hard to see is that a lot of the soil is ruined, after digging about half an inch I hit nothing but solid concrete that must be spill over from the construction of the wall. Because of this, what I initially intended to be a sizable pumpkin patch is a tiny one instead and I only planted three seeds because of the space.

it's not much, but it's my patch

it’s not much, but it’s my patch







On a happier note, Martin is growing up! He has three new tomatoes and has outgrown his old stake, so I picked him up a new one and used the old one I had to support one of his branches. He’s becoming quite the little plant!

garden 1-5






Shortcomings aside, at the end of the day, when the work’s all done, and I can sit back and look at the what the space is becoming I gotta admit that it’s all worthwhilegarden 1-1.


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