My roommates and I are getting this whole kefir thing down, or so it seems. We decided to step up our second ferment game and mix the kefir with strawberries.

the coffee is for cold brew, though kefir and coffee...hmm

the coffee is for cold brew, though kefir and coffee…hmm







First thing’s first, the kefir has still got to be filtered through a plastic strainer with a wooden spoon (no metal!) so that the grains can be put back into a mason jar with whole milk. Then the strawberries need to be set into the bottom of the clean mason jar that’s being used for the second ferment. We’re using frozen strawberries that we’ve let thaw out so that they’re mushier and juicer. But it still doesn’t hurt to add a little extra juice:

kefir 1






Then pour the kefir into the mason jar and give it a second to settle in













After that smoosh it around with the wooden spoon so that the berries are spread throughout the mixture.

kefir 2






As you can see, we’ve made steps away from the metal tops and have started using the plastic wrap with rubber bands. This is a learning process. We’ve also found that letting it second ferment in the fridge seems to be the tastiest approach, allowing the kefir to condense into a yogurt like texture and for the fruit to still taste cool and fresh!

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