Martin’s tomatoes (that’s right, the second one ripened too!) were delicious, the raised bed is a success so far. The zucchini are also doing well, and I’m excited for them to begin flowering.

BG 4 zukes






Recently, my brother came to visit me and on his visit he brought a bunch of seeds with various directions courtesy of my mom, who has been instrumental in helping me with this garden project. My mom has an amazing green thumb, and I’ve been asking her questions over the phone and via email since I broke ground.

BG 4 all seeds










However, I want to just focus three of the seed she gave me: green beans, cucumber, and lettuce. She told me that the lettuce can go around the tomatoe, so I made a little ring of lettuce seeds surrounding Martin, planting them about six inches apart to give them as much space as I could in the raised bed.

BG 4 three seeds






Next, I planted green beans in three of the corners and a cucumber in the fourth so that the vines will have a chance to climb up the post.

BG 4 corner plant






While I’m enjoying the tomatoes, I can’t wait to get some more vegetables into the mix and maybe even some flowers to compliment them and give the backyard a little color!

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