I’ve decided Martin needs a raised bed. The soil just isn’t that great, there’s a lot of trash, rocks, and random debris in it that impedes water access and provides poor nutrients.

Martin getting prepped for the transplant

Martin getting prepped for the transplant











Fortunately, it was move out day for one of the apartments in my complex, and someone left the wood for an Ikea bed frame they were no longer using out on the curb. Score! I recruited the help of my roommate Mike who’s much handier with a tools than I am, and we got to work.

Mike patio










While Mike started on the wood, I arranged the stones around the zucchini sprouts that were beginning to pop up.

BG3 Stone Garden






Once that was done I returned to the porch to help Mike with the set up.

BG 3 Wood TetrisBG 3 Mike Drilling








Tetris or wood work?


After some carpentry we had the bed made! It certainly wasn’t perfect, I had to dig out some slots to bury the extra nubs of wood sticking out, but for going from part of a human’s bed to a raised bed, I’d say it’s pretty great!

BG3 Full Garden








I’m wicked excited to have this bed in place! Not only to help Martin and get the apartment some fresh tomatoes, but also for the opportunity to work on soil reclamation. I’m hoping that adding some fresh, nutrient rich, soil to even this small area will help the yard as a whole once water run off, planting, and other forms of erosion get the two soils to mix. I also think some worms might be in order. I’m happy to have Martin safely planted in a better space, especially when one of those tomatoes are almost ready to eat!

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