Walking through New York City I find tons of little parks, some a couple of acres and some no more than gardens. Since places like Battery Park, Central Park, and Prospect Park get all of the attention I wanted to showcase some of the small bits of green space scattered across the cityscape. This post represents the first of a series.

Dr Ronald McNair Bust

bronze bust of McNair by Ogundipe Fayomi (AKA Claude Audrey)

Physics and ass-kicking

Physics and ass-kicking

Following Eastern Parkway toward the Brooklyn Museum I came across Dr. Ronald McNair Park, named after an astronaut who died in the Challenger mission. He was the second African American man in space a physicist and, as the plaque makes specific mention of, an accomplished saxophonist and black belt in karate.

The park has been around since the early 1900’s as extra space beside the Brooklyn Museum and was originally named after Brooklyn Borough president Joesph A. Guider, only in the 1990’s was it rededicated for Dr. Ronald McNair.

far end of park with the original Guider monument

far end of the park with the original Guider monument

The park is 1.36 acres and provides plenty of benches and sitting space for those who don’t want to continue on to Prospect Park or the Botanical Garden nearby. So if you find yourself taking a stroll or bike ride along the Eastern Parkway and want to sit somewhere a little less over run by puppies or tourists, I recommend plopping down at Dr. Ronald McNair Park!

Dr Ronald McNair front

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