My brother came into town and helped me get started on kefir. He swears by probiotics, and while I’m interested in trying it out, I’m still a noob at it. This blog is, among other things, a plea for advice. I’m planning to document my trials, errors, and triumphs with fermenting in the hopes that it might help others and that I can also get some help!

the culture!

the culture!











First things first, I know in order to properly strain the kefir I need a plastic strainer and a wooden spoon because the culture can’t come in contact with metal. Check!











I’m also aware that it needs to sit in a mason jar over night and that I need to combine the culture with whole milk to give it a food source. Then after 24 hours sitting out and away from sunlight the strained liquid is good to drink.

Kefir 2 jars






My brother also tipped me off about second fermenting, where I let the strained batch sit out another 24 hours with some ingredients for flavor. I’ve been trying that with local honey for some sweetness.

kefir and honey










I know I need to start using rubber bands and plastic wrap instead of the metal top, so I’m going to make that change, but other than that I don’t know much more. I’m open to any advice anybody has, so feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks!

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