I’ve always been interested in urban gardens and gardening, it’s an empowering and fruitful way to reclaim green space and, especially for those located in food deserts, provide a source of fresh produce. My Bushwick apartment has a backyard space, but the area is trashed and over grown. However, I’ve decided to try out my green thumb and turn this space into a small vegetable garden.

Yard day 1 BG

Since I’m on a tight budget these are the tools I’m working with:

Garden tools

I’m hoping to plant the tomato and zucchini to start before adding in anything else. And I know it’s kind of cheating to use miracle grow, but cut me some slack, this is my first time!

Most of day one was spent doing weeding and trash clean up. Under my porch I found this rake that someone left, the wood is a little worn, but the metal tool portion is still in great condition and it proved an incredibly helpful addition!

Rake BG

After the initial clean up I decided to make it a priority to get the tomato out of it’s pot and into the ground, so I tilled out a space for it and planted it.

Tomatoe day 1 BG

I’m afraid I might have planted it a little too low so I placed those stones around to slow any runoff from rain. If anyone out there with more experience wants to chime in please feel free, any and all advice is welcome!

All in all, I spent about an hour and a half outside. For my next day’s work I’d like to finish up all the tiling work and get the zucchini seeds in. I also have a few ideas for some of the larger rocks I unearthed in the process, but that’s a finishing touch!

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