I recently came across an article on Sierra Club’s magazine about urban camping on a New York City roof top. I found the concept pretty interesting and, in fact, I’d very much like to be a part of one of these camping expeditions.

I’m not totally convinced (at least not yet) that being on top of a city is equivalent to being on top of a mountain. I love enduring a challenging hike and feeling equal parts exhausted and elated when I reach a peak and can look down at where the trail began. This hiking element is taken out the equation with an urban camping venture, however there’s definitely something to be said for staring out at a New York City vista.

As a place that is notorious for mentally, emotionally, and physically wearing down its residents, being on top for a night and looking out could be similar to the sensation I get on trail vistas. In some sense, I hike the city everyday. I pack up my bag with lunch, gym clothes, a water bottle, the book I’m reading, and some tolietrees if I’m staying at my girlfriend’s for the night. I grind through the city on daily basis with commutes and work, so the vista this urban camping experience offers could be a serious space self-reflection on where I started and where I’m planning to go.

While my Bushwick apartment has roof access, it certainly isn’t in a great a location for seeing the New York cityscape:

Those tiny buildings way in the back are Manhattan.

Those tiny buildings way in the back are Manhattan.

Hopefully I’ll have the chance to check out this rooftop campground and if I do, I’ll set aside some time to jot down my thoughts and see how they stack up to my expectations. If you’re interested too, take a visit to the site: http://www.bivouacnyc.com/

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