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I had the privilege of interviewing Maria Gunnoe a winner of the Goldman Prize and the University of Michigan’s Wallenberg Medal for her environmental work in West Virginia.


I caught up with her to talk about media, specifically industry influences on media, education, and what people around the country can do to get involved and help in Appalachia. In her interview, she talks about the role distance plays in Appalachian activism and how new technology arriving in that part of the country is starting to close those gaps.

Text book including Gunnoe's activism and differing perspectives on coal

Text book including Gunnoe’s activism and differing perspectives on coal

If you’re interested here’s where you can find your connection to mountain top removal mining. I found that I have a connection living in Brooklyn because Con-Edison uses MTR coal. Awareness is an important first step and with technology at our disposal to close our distance to the issue we can use it as a tool to help make a change.

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